Must have accessories

Sharp images depends upon clean gear.  Our favorites are below:

Giottos Rocket Blower – This is a must have gadget.  Before touching your lens or sensor with any of the other products, use the blower to remove dust, sand, grit, or anything else that can scratch your lens.  We recommend the biggest one.  We have been using one for about 10 years and the rubber is still holding up great.  It’s also a great stocking stuffer for you camera geek friends.  Even if they already have one, they could always use another.

Lenspen – These chamois and carbon dust based devices are very good at removing fingerprints.  Use caution to make sure that there is no grit on  surface.  The built in brush is soft enough to gently brush away dust, but should only be used after the rocket blower.  The lens pen for filters has a flat cleaning surface while the standard lens pen has a concave cleaning surface.

Kinetronics Tiger cloth – For even more stubborn stains, or grime that has built up over the years, we recommend a microfiber cloth with lens cleaning fluid, either eclipse fluid (pure methanol) or Formula MC.  Both do not leave streaks on multicoated lenses.  We like the “tiger cloth” from Kinetronics because it has the right texture, doesn’t lint or scratch.  This cloth was initially designed to clean 35mm film and slides without scratching.



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